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     The ancient Gods of the land ALNE comes from, feasts, folk demonology, customs, rites and chants collected by etnographers were an endless source of inspiration for ALNE's debut album. 
The themes of the lyrics are connected with the spirituality of the land ALNE comes from, the spiritual traditions of Slavonic and old Prussian people. Apart from lyrics inspired by the native faith, ALNE also used poems by the early XX century writers – Maria Konopnicka (“Latawica”), Kazimierz Tetmajer (“Melodia MgieL Nocnych”) and “La Belle Dame sans Merci” by William Yeats. This particular mixture of romanticism, mysticism and paganism creates unique atmosphere which will not allow you to pass by indifferently. 
    The trinity of the sounds, the lyrics with their atmosphere and the visual part and packaging of the album is something they would like to unite in order to achieve something complex and unique. And they exactly know what they want to achieve. 
    The album contains of nine songs recorded, mixed and mastered by renowned Polish producer Szymon Czech (R.I.P., who engineered and produced e.g. RIVERSIDE, CHRIST AGONY, DIES IRAE, NON OPUS DEI, VESANIA, YATTERING…). NON OPUS DEI members.