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Darkness Sustains the Silence


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    While most bands feel comfortable treading a safe and orthodox path, ALTAR OF BETELGEUZE, featuring past and current members of the Finnish Death Metal war ensemble DECAYING, dare to take their influences one step beyond and offer a solid and very natural combination of old school Death/Doom heaviness and growls, and trippy, epic Stoner/Doom passages with clean vocals, creating a dense atmosphere of bleakness and decay that both crushes and rocks. Displaying a massive sound/production courtesy of Javier Felez @ Moontower Studios (ATARAXY, TEITANBLOOD, AVULSED, NOMINON, GRAVEYARD...), "Darkness Sustains the Silence" includes 5 brand new songs + 2 re-recorded songs taken from their previous EP, and features an awe-inspiring cover art and layout by the Spanish artist Cesar Valladares (NECROPSY, ANATOMIA, KRISIUN, FERETRUM...). Expect nothing but a heavy, monolithic and infectious dose of superb Death/Doom/Stoner!!!