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Uroboric Forms - The Complete Demo Recordings


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"Uroboric Forms - The Complete Demo Recordings" includes the four legendary demos "Demo 1988", "Refections Of A Dying World" (1989), "Demo 1990" and "Demo 1991", showing CYNIC FLAGELLANT 's development from a raw underground death/thrash metal band to the progressive technical death style the band is known for since the release of the classic "Focus" album. With a total playing time of over 56 minutes, all lyrics, loads of photos, an in-depth interview with Cynic's musical mastermind Paul Masvidal and a beautiful cover artwork by Manuel Tinnemans as well as remastered sound by Patrick W. Engel, "Uroboric Forms - The Complete Demo Recordings" offers everything you can ask for. As a bonus for the diehard fans the album includes two previously unreleased bonus tracks, the songs "Uroboric Forms" and "The Eagle Nature", from a vocal audition with Brian DeNeffe, the singer of the US death metal band VIOGRESSION.