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Forgotten Scriptures


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"Forgotten Scriptures" collects includes previously unreleased track "Vengeance of the Abyss", songs from the split 7"s w/ ANATOMIA, ETERNAL SOLSTICE, ERODED, MEATHOLE INFECTION, FATHER BEFOULED, split 12"MLP w/ OFFAL, "Resurrected And Rotting" 7"EP and live track "Unholy Crucifixion". DECREPITAPH features current members of ENCOFFINATION, FATHERBEFOULED, SCAREMAKER, TOMBSTONES, LOATHSOME, BEYOND HELL etc. The 13-song CD is definitely a must have for all fans of DECREPITAPH and their morbid, heavy and doomy death metal in the vein of ASPHYX, ROTTREVORE, DERKETA.