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Vengeful & Obstinate


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After fifteen years of silence, the pure sonic violence of DIVINE EVE has returned. Reforming in 2008, these veterans of Doomy Death Metal went straight to work writing new material that would bring back the true meaning of old school . The end result has come to pass as the four-song MCD, "Vengeful and Obstinate". True to DIVINE EVE form, this release promises the most punishing and bludgeoning brand of death metal known to man. With a history that traces back to 1992, DIVINE EVE has reached a cult-like status in the world of underground metal, releasing demos and EPs through the likes of Candlelight and Nuclear Blast Records over the years. Although conflicts and hostilities tore the band itself apart, the name DIVINE EVE (and more importantly, the music) has never left the collective, blackened hearts of the band s fans, nor its members. Determined to take care of their unfinished business, three of the four original members, Michael A. Sleavin (rhythm guitar/vocals), Matthew Killen (drums) and Xan Hammack (lead guitar/vocals) reunited for the long-awaited second coming of DIVINE EVE.