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Sinner Waketh


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After 25 years of silence, Swedish Death Metal legends EPITAPH unleash their second album "Sinner Waketh". Known for their amazing "Disorientation" demo and brilliant debut album "Seeming Salvation", we can assure you that they have only gotten better with age. Fans need not fear that the band has churned out a disappointing "reunion" album that sounds nothing like their early material which seems to have become commonplace with many classic Death Metal bands. Quite the opposite in fact. The original three members have stayed in touch throughout the years and have further perfected their craft. Recorded at BOHUS Sound Recording in Gothenburg Sweden. Expect nothing but pure EPITAPH! - Brutal, rotten, dirty 90's Swedish Death metal performed and executed the EPITAPH way! Cover art once again painted by Necrolord himself, Kristian Wåhlin!