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 Established by the members of the cult Norwegian band FUNERAL, FALLEN have released in 2004 the only one full-length album "A Tragedie`s Bitter End" with a very limited number of copies. After numerous excited reviews from fans and special magazines the musicians began to prepare material for a new album, but after the tragic death of guitarist Christian Loos the activity of the group has been stopped. However, the two tracks that the band managed to record for the new album were preserved, and this 23-minutes long material is added to the original album "A Tragedie`s Bitter End" in this special release. Now every fan of the genre can listen to all the stuff ever being recorded by FALLEN. Those who have not yet heard the FALLEN, will meet the unique and inimitable music: a harmonious blend of pure low majestic vocals, ideal for traditional epic doom metal, low tuned guitars, typical for funeral doom metal, atmospheric keys, and tunes capturing the imagination.