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Chaoskult (Hymns of Destruction)


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Compilation of obscure tracks, giving an overview of twelve years of LUGUBRE Anti-human Black Fucking Metal. The CD features 16 tracks, almost 80 minutes of selected tracks from the very first demos and splits, unreleased recordings, rare tracks and exclusive recent rehearsal recordings. Comes with an eight-page booklet with photos and info. The CD is released in a handnumbered edition of 666 copies. Tracks 1-4 from "Kriich" demo (2000); Tracks 5-6 from "Promo 2001" tape; Tracks 7-9 from split CD with MISANTHROPY (2001); Track 10 from split CD with TERATISM (2007); Tracks 11-13 from "Resurrection of the Beast" promo (2008); Track 14 is a studio demo version of a track from "Supreme Ritual Genocide" (2010); Tracks 15 and 16 were recorded in 2011 specifically for this release.