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Gates No Longer Shut


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MISANTHROPIC RAGE’s music is a very distinctive blending of contrasting sounds, speeds, and moods; it’s dark and disorienting, sometimes depressive, sometimes deranged, but consistently fascinating and head-spinning. As you make your bewildered way through the album, you can begin to identify recurring ingredients, which collectively give MISANTHROPIC RAGE their own musical personality. In my case, I eventually became strongly addicted to them. The riffs and bass are rough and gritty with distortion, and the drummer periodically fires fusillades of militaristic booms and blasts. When they join forces in bursts of violence, they’re perfectly capable of throwing open the gates to vicious black storms or pavement-splitting demolition jobs. Intermingled with this ferocity, however, are lead guitar melodies and solos that are quite different. There’s something very weird and paranormal about the guitar tone and the reverberating melodies. At times they made you think of swirling ocean phosphorescence shining in the wake of a rushing destroyer. At other times, they seemed lilting, ephemeral, wistful, and dreamlike. At still others, they resemble the wailing of a phantasm.