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NIDHOGGR can be categorized as a new force in the realm of black metal. However, the members are not greenhorns in this darkest territory of music; veteran mongers like Nox (CRAFT, OMNIZIDE) handles the vocal duties and Hveðrungr (UNDER ATTACK, ex-PAGAN RITES, STYGGELSE) takes care of the guitar responsibilities, thus one can most likely expect a cold blooded Black Metal album from this troop. The album title "Ragnarök" easily suggests that the album is about Norse Mythology, but if anyone is inaccurately expecting the typical Viking or a bit macerated sounding black metal tracks because of the Norse Mythological themed lyrics, then it can be assured that the lyrics deal with the darkest aspects of Norse Mythology with the amalgamation of war oriented themes, and in terms of sonority, one can look ahead to hear the cold blooded harshness of the acts like CARPATHIAN FOREST, CRAFT, ARMAGEDDA, DARKTHRONE etc.