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Murder One


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Swedish death punk ‘n’ roll rebels, RAWHIDE, are pleased to spew forth, "Murder One", their first proper full-length. Spawned over a decade ago by guitarist/vocalist Robert and Captain Twofinger, RAWHIDE tips its pints to the teachings of MOTORHEAD, TURBONEGRO, GLUECIFER and GG ALLIN. Following three self-financed demos, 2008’s "Plenty Ain’t Enough" compilation, and two 7"s - "The Built to Blow" and "The Branded For Life", which Exclaim! fittingly baptized "a grinding assault of barreling punk rock ‘n’ roll injected with enough malicious metal to ensure there’s even more danger, intensity and cacophony than one would typically expect" - RAWHIDE is ready to release the proverbial hounds with the filth-ridden sounds of "Murder One". Recorded in 2012 at Sunlight Studios together with producer legend Tomas Skogsberg, "Murder One" embraces the band’s adulation of classic punk, rock, sleaze and all things deviant with ten tracks of earnest, bar brawling bedlam made of blood, guts, beer and tainted ladies.