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Overhead, Without Any Fuss, the Stars Were Goi


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Armed with a new studio sound, Novosibirsk Funeral Doom band STATION DYSTHYMIA shares their thoughts on a technological singularity and moves the dramatic tone of the genre to the next level. Titled for a quote from "The Nine Billion Names of God" by Arthur C. Clark, the unpredictable album turns the essence of doom canons to the sci-fi field. In a recent interview, a frontman B. described the main idea in a question: "Doesn't any personal tragedy fade in front of the tragedy of self-destruction of humanity?" That’s the end of the world as STATION DYSTHYMIA sees it - people stopped appreciating the fundamental studies of science. Apathy echoing all over the humanity is underscored with controlled feedback guitars, throat singing and the eternal battle between enlightened sound and weaponized tones. With the help of Greg Chandler of ESOTERIC mastered the "Overhead, Without Any Fuss, the Stars Were Going Out" album and M.Hater and I.Stellarghost of ABSTRACT SPIRIT as guest musicians, STATION DYSTHYMIA created a new type of story in doom metal, combining the genre traditions and the scientific theories.