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Morbid Death Tales


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After five years, Polish death metal cult THRONEUM return with their seventh album, "Morbid Death Tales". As always, fans can expect nothing but raw, ugly and morbidly tuned Nightmarish Death Metal full of Darkness and Evil. On the album's last two tracks, Mark of the Devil of CULTES DES GHOULES contributes guest vocals to fill the mood of an old graveyard and create Necrostuprumical Madness! Since the beginning, THRONEUM staunchly stands in opposition to the mainstream. No originality, no own style, no musical progress, only metal for the Devil as it should be - that's the only stated goal of the band. As the band themselves proclaim, "If you aren't into NECROVORE, SADISTIK EXEKUTION, MOTREM, ORDER FROM CHAOS, IMPERATOR, ASPHYX, MAYHEM, and MERCILESS - keep away from THRONEUM! That's pure Total Death!"