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TORMENTOR and "Violent World" mean there’s good news for those that feel pity with the direction (or lack of inspiration) German legends took after the "Coma of Souls" album. The songs in this CD herein presented have the style KREATOR lived and breathed as the main recipe in their first five studio LPs. Aggression, speed, malice, no mercy…you get the picture. But that’s not all. TORMENTOR flirt a little bit with the SEPULTURA theory as this was seen in the "Beneath The Remains" and "Arise", taking into consideration the Brazilian quartet had (back then) a good blend of out-of-this-world feel and primal Thrash approach. The guitars are really relentless and the same goes for the vocals too; the bass/drums parts are nice too, with self-discipline and merciless vigor. This album is what old KREATOR and SEPULTURA (and SODOM of the "Persecution Mania" era) fans will adore. "Violent World" is sadistic, enraged, running wild and rolls as if there’s no tomorrow.