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Hammer Battalion


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"Hammer Battalion" is the ninth studio album by the Swedish Death Metal band UNLEASHED. It was recorded at Fredrik Folkare's recording studio in Sweden and released on June 9, 2008 by Steamhammer. Hammer Battalion offers up unrelenting hymns of war and hatred that are sure to please true diehard metal fans out there. Going strong for almost 20 years, the Swedish death metal veterans continue keeping their straight forward unwavering vision of true Death Metal and their punishing brutal assault with no remorse. "Hammer Battalion" spews forth grinding riffs and tastefully played leads by guitarists Tomas Masgard and Fredrik Folkare that will keep your fist pumping and head banging. Opening tracks, "The Greatest of All Lies", "Long Before Winter’s Call" and "Your Children Will Burn" rip all beliefs of The Passion as Johnny Hedlund growls his unrestrained hatred and scorn for organized religion. Continuing the ongoing rally cry for warriors everywhere, "Hammer Battalion", "This Day Belongs to Me", "Marching Off to War" and "Home of the Brave" summon the inner strength, courage in all those who dare to stand up and fight. Thunderous drumming by Anders Schultz and good engineering give "Hammer Battalion" that deep and heavy crunching sound sure to blast a hole through your speakers and head when you crank this album to the maximum!