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Cyclical Descent of Causality


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Strictly limited to 150 copies, "Cyclical Descent of Causality" is a three-song cassette comprising 25 minutes of blackened death metal sprawling with labyrinthine technicality and endless corridors of unexplored realms. Much like the earlier "Dystheism", here VOIDCEREMONY are a dizzying, bilious beast, their songs twisting and contorting in obscene ways. However, the California band's vision has grown more daring, the quartet's compositions aiming for both greater heights and more abyssal depths, and all without losing their original rawness and dark spark of creation. Throughout this journey, the listener travels deep within the wasted age of humankind. Thus showcased across "Cyclical Descent of Causality" is a view and observation of the degrading effects of the zealous human nature, its end state, and eventual resurfacing...and VOIDCEREMONY likewise continue their ascent.