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It is immeasurably inspiring to find an album with such a unique and refined vision as WITHER have done with their debut Necropolis. Majestic and ghostly, the album is a phantasmagoria projecting hazy figurations unparalleled in their dismal and hopeless nature. WITHER´s unique atmosphere began to take shape on their debut split with the appropriately paired German funeral doom titans WORSHIP, followed by the development of a stronger black metal influence on their self-titled EP; the band presented a foundation based on the work of fellow countryman ABYSSIC HATE as well as funeral doom staples THERGOTHON and SKEPTICISM. However, Necropolis presents a compelling development in sound with the integration of influences from 80´s post-punk/goths such as THE SISTERS OF MERCY, as well as an undeniable nod to the unshakably compelling minimalism of Brave Murder Day´s instrumentation. In these dark days there are very few albums push up through the morass of lazy and uninspired metal being released, but Wither´s debut is undoubtedly one of the few. Not to mention that the utterly sorrowful atmosphere is elevated to new heights by Kogaion Art´s bleak cover design.