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Plague of the Undead


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ZOMBIE LAKE and "Plague of the Undead" sound more like two titles/names from the movie industry and less from the Metal scene. Well, in fact “Zombie Lake” was a movie made back in 1981 - a time period when zombie movies were very popular. But in our case, "Plague of the Undead" is the debut album of the American/Swedish Thrash band ZOMBIE LAKE, who was formed back in 2002 by Antman (ARKHAM 13), Derek Schilling (ARKHAM 13) and Martin Missy (PROTECTOR). In 2013, Ryan Lipynsky (THE HOWLING WIND, ex-UNEARTHLY TRANCE) joined the band as a second guitarist. "Blood! Blood! Blood!" is the album opener getting straight to the Thrash mood with killer riffs, pounding drums, harsh vocals and overall hearty old school atmosphere, while the repetition of the word blood gives a certain warlike feeling to the song, offering some quality headbanging time. Keep in mind though that "Plague of the Undead" is not a typical Thrash album with just the mind-blowing instrumentation and frenetic rhythms, although there are plenty of those in "Flesh Gor Frankenstein", "Strontium Dog", "War of the Worlds" and in the title track. In the biggest part of the album, the tempo varies from moderate to slow but this has nothing to do with the intensity of the music, since the guitars and the double bass drum keep everything on the Heavy side. There are also some Black Metal finishing touches, especially in "War of the Worlds" with the frozen riffs, the dark atmosphere and the harsh, almost screaming vocals by Missy.