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    The jaw-dropping debut album by French band BARÚS. Their music could be descrided as "AUTOPSY reinterpreted by MESHUGGAH" or "GOJIRA and GORGUTS jamming out to an old DEMILICH tune with ULCERATE's instruments". Featuring 9 songs in a vast yet time-evaporating 56 minutes, the production on "Drowned" is absolutely stellar. It was recorded between 2016 and 2017 at Plastic Lobster Studios & Eptagon, with drum recording and additional reamping done at Octavox Studio, while mixing and mastering were done by James Leonard at Plastic Lobster Studios. Completed by cover art courtesy of the masterful Timo Ketola, with inner artwork by Stephen Wilson, BARÚS' "Drowned" is this year's dark-horse classic in the making!