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Synaptic Veil


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Cascadian Black Metal project BEREFT OF LIGHT by Romanian musician Daniel Neagoe, known from his work in bands like SHAPE OF DESPAIR, EYE OF SOLITUDE, UNFATHOMABLE RUINATION or CLOUDS. Here’s what Daniel had to say on this new project: "BEREFT OF LIGHT is a symbol for introspection, a chapter in the solitude we all long for, a thousand thoughts that break the barrier of mind and a calm before the storm of feelings. Hoinar, Romanian word for “"wanderer" is a statement of solitude and introspection, a simple but ample opportunity to escape in one self’s own world where anything and everything can shape up and be colored in all possible tints. A soul’s journey up the ladder of life, past, present and future. A dive into the unknown of one’s mind and an open door in the mirror of eternity."