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Under the Seals of Death


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    The debut full-length of Chile's INFAMOVS, "Under the Seals of Death". Drawing their lyrical and conceptual inspiration from the occult, ancient deities and indigenous culture and history, INFAMOVS pay homage to the deeds and knowledge of yesteryear through a brand of Death Metal that's heinous, ruthless, sullen and primitive, influenced by acts such as INCANTATION, DOMINUS XUL, DEAD CONGREGATION, IMPRECATION, IMMOLATION, SADISTIC INTENT, early DEICIDE and early MORBIDANGEL. However, it is the band's thirsty 'n' miserable execution which sets "Under the Seals of Death" as a breed apart. Every gnarled, gangrenous riff and rhythm burls forward with an irrational sense of possession, as if the players' very lives are depending on it. Through this foul, gooey haze, a slimy-yet-sinuous songwriting emerges, marrying ably contorted linearity to tangibly, disgustingly physical forward momentum. It sounds and smells and feels like DEATH, rotting deeper in a pool of its own forlorn fluid. From this, INFAMOVS emerge: South American madness has a new name.