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Six new tracks (three from each band) totaling over 67 minutes of Doom Metal in the best form..

    MAJESTIC DOWNFALL, one of Mexico's best current bands, is ready with three new songs that are among the band's heaviest and finest. This Doom Metal band uses Death Metal influences to enhance the music while retaining the fragile melodies that are enthralling. The music represents a dichotomy between personal emotions and the harsh external realities of life - MAJESTIC DOWNFALL covers them all.

    THE SLOW DEATH from Australia also contributes three new tracks to this epic split release. Like MAJESTIC DOWNFALLTHE SLOW DEATH offers something different, something refreshing in a sense while retaining the depressive Doom Metal sound. What’s remarkable is the weird, eerie singing of Mandy of MURKRAT fame, exacerbating the soul-tearing emotions and melodies that are deceptively beautiful.