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Act I: Tragedies


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     Hailing from Romania, MOURNERS arise from the ashes of funeral doom legends EYE OF SOLITUDE. In many ways, MOURNERS is a continuation of EYE OF SOLITUDE’s legacy – incredibly heavy and slow, tense atmospheres, and utterly gut-wrenching guitars – but in other ways, the band is its own entity entirely.

     Indeed, after a decade of being scene kings, EYE OF SOLITUDE give way to MOURNERS, who seek an even-more-uncompromising sound with their debut album, Act I: Tragedies. At once even heavier and more atmospheric MOURNERS’ first full-length seeks extremes of expression, dragging the listener down into a deep well of solitude (of course!) and smothering impossibly dense layers upon it so that there’s no escape…ever.

     But, likewise crucial to MOURNERS’ background is the highly acclaimed CLOUDS: both Daniel N and Mike D, MOURNERS’ central duo, play in that ongoing atmospheric doom-death formation. Not surprisingly, the resulting sound of Act I: Tragedies is paradigmatic FUNERAL DOOM, and proudly so, but also with considerable flavor from classic doom-death, indeed giving MOURNERS an even-more-crushing aspect.

     It is not hyperbole to say that the impeccably monikered MOURNERS take the wider funeral doom / doom-death genre to a whole new level whilst (proudly) staying within its boundaries. Graced with suitably somber cover art courtesy of Gogo Melone, Act I: Tragedies starts the year on the highest of highs – by taking the listener to the lowest of lows.