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Chapters of an Evil Transition


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    The striking debut full-length by this Mexican band. "Chapters of an Evil Transition" absolutely bleeds the molten-yet-mildewed essence of 90's Metal of Death. Fucking fashion and trends and especially fickle tastes, "Chapters of an Evil Transition" is a gutsfucking time-warp to the days when Death Metal was supposedly "dead", lost in favor of Black Metal, Power Metal or (worse) ill-fated sellout fantasies. In this landscape did many a raw and righteous mini-classic get birthed, and suitably do Ravenous Death continue the proud legacy of VOMITORY and Mexican forebears SHUB NIGGURATH, but also especially SADISTIC INTENT, SEANCE, old GRAVE, 90's IMMOLATION, 90's VADER and Finland's DEMIGOD. Completed by stark artwork courtesy of Mörtuus and mastering by the esteemed Javier Felez at Moontower Studios, allow RAVENOUS DEATH to read you "Chapters of an Evil Transition"!