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Sewer Fiends


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    The long-awaited debut full-length from this Romanian putrid ensemble. ROTHEADS take their aggregate influences -particularly from the classic early 90's Finnish scene (ABHORRENCE, early SENTENCED, DEMIGOD, DEPRAVITY), as well as other timeless crypt dwellers such as AUTOPSY, INCANTATION, CARNAGE, ACCIDENTAL SUICIDE, GRAVE and ASPHYX- and proceed to create a mesmerizingly murky 'n' moody work with their debut album. The sewage is piled high and plentifully, as foul 'n' fetid riffs flow fast and freely, but always with a clearly discernible direction; after all, ROTHEADS are firmly grounded in the timeless songwriting style of old school Death Metal, where feeling and texture are paramount over technique and other flashy wank.