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    The terrific 4th full-length by this Italian band. VALGRIND was born from the ashes of the ultra-underground act NECROSPELL in 1993, as a Death/Black Metal project with both extreme and melodic influences. Over the following years, the band released four demos and developed its own style, combining the main influences (MORBID ANGEL, PESTILENCE, DEATH, NOCTURNUS, POSSESSED, MONSTROSITY, IMMOLATION) with a passion for the epically dark atmospheres of bands like CANDLEMASS and early PARADISE LOST.  "Condemnation" is undeniably and 1000% Death Metal to the core, there's an intangible "something", a never-belabored uniqueness, that now sets these Italians apart from so much stock-standard Death Metal. For sure, their roots lay in the genre's old school still, but the bits and pieces they pull and recombine are unexpected but most definitely welcome; no particular scene or substyle or specific year is selected, just the focus on strong songwriting and impassioned performance. Likewise, the lyricism doesn't betray Death Metal's rigorous boundaries -here, it's the myths of legendary creatures and beasts in various ancient cultures- but VALGRIND bring an artful touch to fantastical horror, all of it rolling out of bassist Lupidi's lugubrious throat with commanding clarity. To that, the power trio's clarity of execution is also a thing of (ugly) beauty, firing off one flowing, furious part after another with seamless construction and solos that are the absolute definition of class. In fact, calling "Condemnation" classy Death Metal would not be much of a stretch: the songwriting itself is that poignant and powerful, and the production -mixed by Cristiano Copat at KK Recording Studio, and mastered by Damian Herring at Subterranean Watchtower Studios- is perfectly matched, skillfully balancing that clarity with crush. Giving this special album an ever-more-distinctive touch is the cover art courtesy of Lupidi himself, hereby making "Condemnation" truly VALGRIND's triumph of death!