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Revenge In Blood


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It is their second album under the moniker of WARCRY, the first album came out some years ago under the name of HEILIG'S BLECHLE and it shows a giant improvement over the past works despite the fact that they stand true to their musical vision which means a raw metal that draws influences from everything the musicians love to listen to themselves. It is a look beyond all barriers that metallic sub genres may have built within the last 30 years. WARCRY is heavy metal, 80s Black Metal, Thrash Metal with an anthem approach here and there. Singer Martin shows a good range from mean hissing and belting in a black thrashing way to clean vocals in a more epic and heroic style. A peak of his vocals on "Revenge in blood" is certainly the OMEN cover version "Deathrider" on which he gets support from George Call, the man behind ASKA and current lead vocalist for OMEN of course. But this is not the only highlight on this album. WARCRY play their stuff with passion and love for the whole real metal genre. Once again they put heart and soul over technical skills of which they show a lot on this new record. This is metal for head bangers without blinders.